CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 1, 1986

This week’s Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling takes off with Sato/Goto (with Tojo) vs. Excitement Inc. (Ric McCord/John Paul), then a Paul Diamond VTR, along with a local promo with Sato/Goto/Tojo (Tojo speaks of the retarded Jeff Jarrett once again)/Dirty Rhodes (who needs more cowbell), followed by Larry Wright/Don Bass vs. Pat Tanaka/Tracy Smothers, and a Pat Tanaka interview.

More action includes The Ninja (with Tojo) vs. Jeff Jarrett

Wildfire Tommy Rich music video

Big Bubba interview

(Handicap match) Big Bubba vs. Jim Jamison/ Mike Murphy

Local promo with Jeff Jarrett/Jerry The King Lawler

Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant/Lou Winston)/Bubba Monroe vs. Jerry The King Lawler/David Haskins/Giant Hillbilly

Memphis Vice interview

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