CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 13, 1988

This broadcast gets underway with a Rock n’ Roll RPM interview, followed by a Stud Stable interview where Sid Vicious (aka Lord Humongous/Sycho Sid) calls his two opponents “jabrones” then wrestles Rodney Napper/Chris Frazier in a handicap match.

Jeff Jarrett music video

Local Evansville promo with the Rock n’ Roll RPMs/Dirty Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter)

Lance shows video from last week about the Stud Stable breakup and interviews Fuller/Sylvia.

Cactus Jack (aka Mick Foley/Mankind)/Gorgeous Gary Young (with Bruno) vs. The Grim Reapers followed by a Young/Jack/Bruno interview

Super Clash III Update with Lee Marshall

Beauty (aka Mark Gullen)/The Beast (Terry Simms aka Terrence/Terry Garvin) VTR before their match (on a pink mat) vs. Tim Woodard/Ronnie Leach

Bill Superstar Dundee/Todd Morton vs. JD Wolfe/Craig Brown (interference by the RPMs, who attack and paint Todd Morton with yellow paint)

Local Evansville promo with Jeff Jarrett/Todd Morton/Bill Superstar Dundee

Mean Mike Miller/Rock n’ Roll RPMs (Mike Davis/Tommy Lane) vs. Brian Lee (aka Prime Time)/Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump)/Alan Reynolds

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