CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 14, 1987

This week’s Evansville broadcast gets underway with Hangman Bobby Jaggers/Jimmy Jack Funk vs. John Paul/Ricky Fontana, along with a Jimmy Jack Funk interview (Funk has defeated Jeff Jarrett for the Mid-America Title), followed by a local Evansville promo with Jaggers(Will soon defend Southern strap against Jerry The King Lawler)/Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez (Will meet Bill Superstar Dundee and his new partner Big Bubba on future cards).

Jeff Jarrett interview (Jarrett gets a rematch with Funk for his title. This time there will be two referees to make sure there is a clean finish)

Jeff Jarrett poster promo

Jerry The King Lawler vs. Blue Knight

Badd Company interview (Singing Cowboy Don Bass/King Carl Fergie/Brickhouse Brown interrupt the interview, then Diamond shocks them by announcing not only has Badd Company left the Commission but so has Big Bubba. Bubba comes out and joins the side of Tanaka/Diamond.)

Bill Dundee/Nasty Boys vs. Keith Roberson/Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez interview (Hector creates new words for La Bamba, then promotes his hair removal cream for $30 again)

Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez vs. Ed Mattox/Freezer Thompson

Randy Hales interviews Dr. D (Diablo is now back to the “Dr. D” name though he wears no mask and has an eye patch. Hales reveals him to be “Karl Anderson”)

Rock n’ Roll RPMs vs. David/Benny Wilson

Rock n’ Roll RPMs interview (The RPMs want the Southern belts back from the Rockers. Tommy Lane offers to put up a diamond ring for a title shot. This brings out the Rockers who get the ring pawned by a jeweler who just happens to be backstage. The jeweler agrees the ring is worth at least $1,000. Michaels takes jabs at Mike Davis’ missing teeth and the Rockers accept the challenge. If the Rockers win the match they promise to hand the ring to someone in the crowd.)

Local Evansville promo with Jerry Lawler (The King finally gets a Southern Title shot against Jaggers.)/Bill Superstar Dundee/Big Bubba (After Bubba’s short heel run, the duo gets ready to meet Hector/Manny in upcoming matches.)

8 Man Tag Match featuring the Midnight Rockers/Billy Travis/Jeff Jarrett vs. Carl Fergie/Don Bass (with Brickhouse)/The Executioners (with Nathaniel Whitlock). This match turns into a huge studio brawl.

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