CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 27, 1988

Today’s Championship Wrestling Evansville broadcast kicks off with Mid-South Coliseum video of the wild ending of the Brian Lee (aka Prime Time) vs. Phil Hickerson (aka PY Chu Hi) CWA Heavyweight title match which lead to the title being held up and Hickerson quitting the CWA (in reality he would re-invent himself as PY Chu Hi in the Dallas end of the soon to be USWA.

(CWA Title Tournament) Mean Mike Miller vs. Brickhouse Brown

Local Evansville promo with the Stud Stable

Aerobics and lunch with Beauty and The Beast

(CWA Title Tournament) Brian Lee vs. Tommy Lane

Video clip of recent events between Sid Vicious and Superstar Bill Dundee, followed by a VTR interview with the Superstar and Jamie Dundee, along with a Sid Vicious profile video (shades of the video for Terry The Hulk Boulder (aka Hulk Hogan) from 9 years earlier.

Sid Vicious vs. Chris Frazier

Rick Casey music video

(CWA Title Tournament Final) Mean Mike Miller vs. Brian Lee

Local Evansville promo with Bill Superstar Dundee

Super Clash III update with Lee Marshall/Sgt. Slaughter

Interview with the new CWA Heavyweight Champ, Brian Lee

The Stud Stable (Fuller/Golden)/Mike Davis vs. Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump)/Todd Morton/Bryan Adams

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