CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 28, 1987

This Evansville broadcast gets going with another crazy Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez interview, along with the Nasty Boys vs. Manny Fernandez/Hector Guerrero, followed by a local promo with the Rock n’ Roll RPMs/Steve Keirn/Jimmy Jack Funk.

Hector Guerrero interview

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. The Assassins

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. John Paul

Steve Keirn interview (Keirn wants an “unbiased opinion” on what he did to Lawler was right after the King accidentally threw a fireball at him. Keirn calls out Jeff Jarrett for his opinion on the situation.)

Southern Champion Hangman Bobby Jaggers (with Nate the Rat) vs. Jerry The King Lawler (Lawler regains the title but is quickly attacked by Keirn/Funk/Jaggers. Jarrett makes the save with a 2×4.)

Local promo with Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett (They plan to get some revenge on Keirn/Funk in tag action.)

Mark Guleen VTR interview (Guleen, the self-described “world traveler” has discovered Teijho Khan. Guleen puts over Khan before his TV debut.)

Teijho Khan vs. Jim Jamison

Midnight Rockers interview (The Rockers have to put their hair up to get a title shot against the RPMs.)

The Midnight Rockers vs. The Hangmen (Match doesn’t happen due to time constraints.)

This clip also includes the first several minutes of the December 5, 1987 show.

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