CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 29, 1986

This complete Championship Wrestling broadcast starts with the Sheepherders (Boyd/Bigfoot) vs. Jerry Garmen/Benny Trailer, along with a Sheepherders interview that ends in a confrontation with Eddie Marlin/Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis. Next up is an 8 man tag match featuring Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis/Tracy Smothers/Paul Diamond vs. Keith Roberson/Dennis Hall/Boy Tony/Mike James (with Dolly Parker). Evansville local promo with Tojo Yamamoto/The Ninja/Downtown Bruno/Big Bubba. The next match is Big Bubba/Goliath (with Bruno) vs. Robert Bryant/Keith Eric. Interview with World Super Heavyweight Champ Hillbilly Elmer. Interview with the Rock n Roll RPMs (Mike Davis/Tommy Lane) followed by a match featuring the Rock n Roll RPMs vs. Mike Murphy/Jim Jamison. Interview with Tojo/The Ninja. The next match includes The Great Kabuki vs. Pat Tanaka. Local Evansville promo with Pat Tanaka/Jerry The King Lawler VTR. Interview with Paul Diamond. The last match has Sato/Goto (with Tojo) vs. John Paul/Tony Parks. This show ends rather abruptly, and unfortunately I can’t do anything to correct it.

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