CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 6, 1988

This Evansville broadcast kicks off with Dave Brown interviewing Jeff Jarrett and showing a clip of him wrestling Flamboyant Eric Embry in the Cotton Bowl and winning the AWA World Light Heavyweight Title, along with a VTR of Eric Embry.

Mean Mike Miller vs. Chris Frazier

Local Evansville promo hosted by Michael St. John with a VTR of Nature Boy Buddy Landel

Sid Vicious (with Downtown Bruno) vs. Robert Long followed by a quick Bruno/Vicious post-match interview

Super Clash III commercial

Dave talks about the upcoming Champion vs. Champion match in Super Clash III and Modern Day Warrior Kerry Von Erich pinning Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight title on May 6, 1984 along with a Von Erich VTR interview, followed by Jerry The King Lawler pinning Curt Hennig for the AWA World Heavyweight title on May 9, 1988 along with a Lawler VTR interview.

Jerry The King Lawler/Jeff Jarrett vs. Keith Eric/Tim Woodard

Super Clash III commercial

Stud Stable interview where Fuller/Golden are going to wrestle for the World Class tag titles, instead of Gorgeous Gary Young/Cactus Jack (aka Mick Foley/Mankind) who won the CWA tag titles and rightfully deserve the shot. This leads to Young/Jack leaving the Stud Stable and then being attacked by Fuller/Golden.

Local Evansville promo with Dirty Dutch Mantel (aka Zeb Colter)

Stud Stable (Fuller/Golden) vs. Chris Granger/Alan Reynolds

Super Clash III commercial

Eddie Marlin/Gary Young/Cactus Jack interview

Bill Superstar Dundee/Todd Morton vs. The Grim Reapers

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