CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 7, 1987

I don’t have the Oct. 31 show, but this week’s Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling action starts with Eddie Marlin interview (Marlin says that even though Lawler/Dundee regained the AWA Tag Titles, the “Original Midnight Express” Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose stole the belts from them. Marlin says there will be an upcoming “War of the Worlds” $5,000 Battle Royal at the upcoming event. Marlin claims that all promotions will be involved, including the WWF).

Midnight Rockers interview (The Rockers are the new Southern Tag Champions defeating the RPMs.)

Midnight Rockers vs. Keith Eric/Keith Roberson

Local Evansville promo with Badd Company (Tanaka/Diamond talk about splitting from Brickhouse Brown’s Commission though it hasn’t aired yet.)

Rock n’ Roll RPMs interview (The RPMs will be meeting the Rockers soon. If they RPMs lose they have to throw $1,000 to the fans.)

Rock n’ Roll RPMs vs. John Paul/Freezer Thompson

Jimmy Jack Funk interview (Funk claims he’s in town to represent the WWF in the “War of the Worlds” Battle Royal. Funk is also looking forward to meeting Jarrett for the Mid-America Title.)

VTR interview with Jeff Jarrett

Hangman Bobby Jaggers interview (The Hangman debuts the “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez to the CWA.)

Hangman Bobby Jaggers vs. Ed Mattox

Post-match interview with Jaggers/Fernandez (The Ragin’ Bull prepares for an unsanctioned match with the downed Ed Mattox. Manny clobbers Mattox and Jaggers makes the three count.)

VTR interview with Billy Travis (Travis will be defending his International Title against Manny Fernandez very soon.)

Manny Fernandez interview

Hector Guerrero/Dr. D interview (Dr. D’s name is now changed to Dr. Diablo. Hector has his cream back and is once again promoting it to the fans for only $30.)

Hector Guerrero/Dr. Diablo vs. Memphis Vice (Lou Winston/Jerry Bryant) (Hector attempts to use his hair remover cream on the Memphis Vice until Bill Superstar Dundee makes the save. Guerrero then tries to throw the cream in Dundee’s eyes but the Superstar ducks and Dr. Diablo takes the cream right in his face. Diable takes the painful cream to his eyes while Hector bails out of the ring.)

Local Evansville promo with Brickhouse Brown/Don Bass/Carl Fergie (Bass/Fergie look to meet Badd Company after ejecting the team from the Commission.)

Bill Dundee interview (Dundee talks trash on the Guerrero family and is looking forward to grabbing revenge on Hector very soon after Guerrero almost blinded him)

Eddie Marlin interview (Marlin announces Dr. Diablo has suffered a severe injury from the cream to the eyes.)

VTR interview with Steve Keirn (Keirn claims Lawler is dodging him but his destiny is the King. Steve says he will take out Lawler any chance he gets.)

Nasty Boys interview (The Boys have ditched the plain singlets and added the airbrushed shirts to their gear. The Nasty’s have also added face paint to their persona claiming to be the new Nasty Boys.

The Commission interview

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee/Nasty Boys vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond/Carl Fergie/Don Bass (with Brickhouse) (Fergie accidentally costs Tanaka the fall, causing a brawl and splitting up of the Commission.

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