CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-November 8, 1986

CWA Championship Wrestling as taped in Memphis on Nov. 1, 1986 and aired in Evansville, Indiana on Nov. 8. Lance has the week off, so Dave moves into the other chair for the day. FM100’s Ron Olson is Dave’s temporary sidekick. This show includes a big 20 Man Battle Royal that was the first battle royal I remember seeing, as I had just started watching “Channel 5 Wrestling.”

Jerry Lawler vs. Bubba Monroe

(Handicap Match) Big Bubba vs. Jerry Garvin/Benny Trailer

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Don Bass/Dirty Rhodes (with Tojo Yamamoto) vs. Excitement Incorporated (McCord/Paul), David Haskins/Jim Jameson

The Sheepherders (Boyd/Morgan) vs. The Bryant Brothers (Randy/Robert)

$5,000 Purse 20 Man Battle Royal (Jerry Lawler, Billy Travis, Don Bass, Dirty Rhodes, Jonathan Boyd, Rip Morgan, Akio Sato, Tarzan Goto, Rick McCord, John Paul, The Ninja, Pat Tanaka, Big Bubba, Bubba Monroe, Jeff Jarrett, David Haskins, Jim Jameson, Duke Myers, Mike McGuirk, and Larry Wright)

The Animals (Duke Myers/Mike McGuirk) and Memphis Vice (Bryant/Winston) vs. Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka/Billy Travis/Tracy Smothers

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