CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-October 11, 1986

This week’s Evansville broadcast continues the CWA action, beginning with interviews with Tojo, Sato/Goto

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto (with Tojo) vs. Randy and Robert Bryant

Paul Diamond VTR interview (Paul is out 6 weeks with a broken leg courtesy of Tojo and company)

Local promos with Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, Larry Wright, Tojo, Sato, Goto

Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka vs. The Memphis Vice (Lou Winston/Jerry Bryant) (The Ninja, Sato, and Goto attack AGAIN, Eddie Marlin tries to aid but is also attacked. Lawler finally breaks things up but not before Marlin’s leg is injured.)

Jerry Lawler interview

Jerry Lawler vs. Nikita Mulkavich

Jerry Lawler Music Video

Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass/Larry Wright vs. Jerry Garmen/Jim Jameson/David Johnson

Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass/Larry Wright Interview (Rhodes destroys the King’s crown)

Jerry Lawler interview

Big Bubba interview (Bubba is Fred Ottman AKA Tugboat/Typhoon)

Big Bubba vs. David Haskins

Boy Tony VTR interview (Tony Falk explains how he became Boy Tony. Falk begins his hygiene tip of the week teaching us how to brush our teeth, ala Andy Kaufman. Karma Chameleon plays in the background)

Local promos by McCord/Paul, Jeff/Jerry Jarrett

Excitement Inc. (Ric McCord/John Paul) vs. Keith Eric/The Invader

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