CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-October 14, 1989-Soultaker(Godfather) Debut

This Evansville taping of Memphis wrestling begins with Wildside (Chris Champion/Mark Starr) vs. Freddy (Tommy Gilbert)/Dream Warrior, followed by a Wildside interview, a local promo with Wildside, and a Blackbirds (Brickhouse Brown/Iceman King Parsons with Reggie B. Fine) interview before their match vs. The Kelly Brothers (Bobby/Donnie). Next up is a Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony)/Nature Boy Buddy Landel with the Dirty White Girl interview (Lawler and Rhodes come out) before their match vs. TD Steel/Big O.

Soultaker (Charles Wright aka Papa Shango/Godfather-his Memphis debut with Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe) interview before his match vs. Tim Hall/Chris Frazier. Challenges Lawler after the match which brings Lawler out.

Local Evansville promo with Dirty Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter)

Jerry The King Lawler/Dustin Rhodes (aka Goldust)/Freddy vs. Mike Davis/Spike Huber/Kevin Dillinger

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