CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-October 25, 1986

This complete Championship Wrestling (Evansville broadcast) gets going with Keith Eric vs. Pat Tanaka (look for the brutal German suplay), followed by a phone interview from Paul Diamond, and a studio interview with Pat Tanaka. Next up we see Dennis Hall (with Dolly Parker) vs. David Haskins, along with a local promo with Jerry The King Lawler/Jerry Jarrett/Jeff Jarrett.

Health Tips from Boy Tony

Interview with Tracy Smothers

Tracy Smothers vs. The Ninja doesn’t even get going thanks to Boy Tony’s attack on Smothers.

Jerry Jarrett/Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Lawler video/music montage

Jeff Jarrett vs. Larry Wright

Lawler’s Discount Furniture commercial

8 Man Tag Match-Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass/Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto (with Tojo) vs. The Bryant Brothers/Jerry Garmen/Benny Trailer

Local promo with Dirty Rhodes/Sato/Goto/The Ninja/Tojo

Interview with Big Bubba

Big Bubba/Bubba Monroe vs. Excitement Incorporated (Ric McCord/John Paul)

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