CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-October 4, 1986

I am missing the Sep. 27 show, but this week’s Evansville broadcast begins with some big news! Lance Russell announces that Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich defeated Fire and Flame earlier in the week in a hair vs. masks match. Fire was unmasked to be Dirty Rhodes, Flame was Don Bass, and Torch was Larry Wright.

Lawler is scheduled to wrestle Keith Eric but is not in the dressing room. Randy Hales announces the match is postponed.

Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, Larry Wright interview (Rhodes claims they have taken out Lawler and shows the King’s car keys are now in his possession)

Local promos with Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, Larry Wright, Tojo, Sato

Jerry Jarrett vs. Tojo Yamamoto (from MSC 9/26/86, Jarrett breaks Tojo’s arm)

Tojo (with broken arm), Sato, Goto, The Ninja interview

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/The Ninja (with Tojo Yamamoto) vs. David Haskins/Jim Jamison/Mike Murphy

Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka interview

Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka vs. The Memphis Vice (Lou Winston/Jerry Bryant) ends in a studio brawl

Tommy Rich vs. Keith Roberson

Jerry Lawler vs. Keith Eric (Rhodes, Bass, Wright attack Rich)

Southern Tag Champs Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass vs. Benny Trailer/Jerry Garmen

Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, Larry Wright interview (A bloody Tommy Rich and a bloody, beaten and torn up Jerry Lawler emerge from the locker room. The crowd explodes as a wild brawl takes place. Lawler even busts a bottle over Rhodes’ head.)

Jerry Lawler/Tommy Rich interview (Lawler claims he was run off the road by Rhodes and company. The King then threatens to kill them. Lawler is suspended for a week due to the bottle breaking incident.)

Local promo with Tommy Rich

Ric McCord/John Paul interview

Ric McCord/John Paul vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

There are a couple of short pauses in this show and some VHS tracking lines that are visible. These are just the nature of the old tapes before being transferred to DVD.

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