CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Partial Show-October 24, 1987

This incomplete (this is all I have of it) Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling begins with AWA World Tag Champions Soldat Ustinov/Doug Sommers vs. Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee (Highlights from Mid-South Coliseum October 12)

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee interview (The duo arrive with their newly won AWA World Tag Titles and matching tuxedos. They discuss their title win and future with the belts.)

Eddie Marlin interview (Marlin discusses that he has the first AWA Tag Title defense by Lawler/Dundee slated for the Memphis territory.)

Hector Guerrero/Dr. D (Karl Styles) interview (Hector mentions they have a AWA World Tag Title shot against Lawler/Dundee.)

Local promo with Rock n’ Roll RPMs (The RPMs will be meeting Travis/Jarrett in the near future. They discuss their recent Southern Title win and their future opponents.)

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis interview

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson/Super Destroyer

Eddie Marlin announces the Midnight Rockers are headed to Memphis. Their music video “Rockin’ After Midnight” follows the announcement.

Rock n’ Roll RPMs Interview (The RPMs feel as Southern Tag Champs that they should be the AWA World Tag Champs. They then divert their attention to Jarrett/Travis as well as the Midnight Rockers.)

Southern Tag Champions Rock n’ Roll RPMs vs. Ed Mattox/Freezer Thompson

My clip ends with Lance giving a run through of a local card.

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