CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-September 11, 1988

Another big week of Championship Wrestling kicks off with a Phil Hickerson (aka PY Chu Hi) interview which shows highlights of Hickerson vs. Brickhouse Brown from the Mid-South Coliseum, just before his studio match vs. Ken Raper. Jeff Jarrett comes out to confront Hickerson after the match.

Next up is a Tommy Wildfire Rich/Nature Boy Buddy Landel local promo which cuts pretty deep into the Von Erich family.

Brickhouse Brown interview before his match against the Blue Knight.

Handsome Jimmy Valiant music video

Stud Stable interview followed by Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden vs. Tommy King/Alan Reynolds

Bill Superstar Dundee/Jamie Dundee interview including Mid-South Coliseum highlights

Local Evansville promo with Jerry The King Lawler/Handsome Jimmy Valiant

Renegades Mayhem in Memphis ad

8 Man Tag Match with Rock n’ Roll RPMs/Gorgeous Gary Young/Cactus Jack vs. Jeff Jarrett/Bill Superstar Dundee/Billy Travis/Shaun Baxter

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