CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-September 12, 1987

Picking up where I left off in 1987, this week’s Evansville broadcast features Dave Brown and Big Jack Eaton doing the announcing, as Lance Russell is away. This show includes the introduction of the infamous “Wheel of Torture.” First up is a
Bill Superstar Dundee interview (Dundee talks about recently winning back the International Title. Barnes had to leave Memphis for no less than a year.)
Highlights from Mid-South Coliseum 8/31/87-International Champ George Barnes vs. Bill Dundee (Steel Cage Match)

Brickhouse Brown interview

Highlights from Mid-South Coliseum 8/31/87-Southern Heavyweight Champion Don Bass vs. Jerry Lawler (Bass’ Hair and the Title vs. Lawler’s Hair inside a Steel Cage. Bass gets smashed with his own guitar then gets his head shaved.)

Don Bass interview (Bass is hot after losing the title and having his head shaved.)

Don Bass (with Brickhouse Brown) vs. David Wilson (Bass cuts Wilson’s hair. Eventually most of the Commission as well as the baby faces are out for a large brawl.)

Dave Brown introduces the “Wheel of Torture” and the wheel spinner is “Vanna Black”. You may have heard of this gimmick as Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal or later on as Las Vegas Roulette on WWF’s Raw. This wheel determines the fate of anyone who loses their upcoming matches.

Wheel of Torture matches are as follows:
Jerry The King Lawler’s match (Loser must run through a 20 man belt line of fans.)

Tracy Smothers vs. Goliath (If Tracy loses he must run through a 20 man belt line of fans, if Goliath loses he gets 10 lashes with a strap, even though it said 10 shocks of the cattle prod.)

John Paul/Jerry Bryant vs. Rock n Roll RPM’s (If either team loses they get 10 shocks of the cattle prod.)

Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Don Bass (If Bass loses he gets 10 shocks of the cattle prod, if Rocky loses he must eat dog food.)

Jeff Jarrett vs. King Carl Fergie (If Fergie loses he must run through a belt line of fans, if Jarrett loses he gets 2 dozen eggs smashed in his face by the fans.)

Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags/Brian Knobbs) vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond (If Sags loses he must eat a can of dog food. If Knobbs loses he must get 10 shocks of the cattle prod. If Diamond loses he must eat dog food, if Tanaka loses he must be painted yellow from head to toe.)

Big Bubba vs. Bill Superstar Dundee (If Bubba loses he must eat dog food, if Dundee loses he has to run through a 20 man belt line.)

Rock n’ Roll RPM’s vs. Greg Jones/Ed Mattox

Nasty Boys vs. Keith Eric/Keith Roberson

Bobby Jaggers vs. William Freezer Thompson

Local Evansville promo VTR with Billy Travis (Travis will be meeting Brickhouse in a Wheel of Torture match, the loser eats a can of dog food.)

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Goliath/Carl Fergie (Brickhouse Brown gets involved.)

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