CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-September 20, 1986

This Evansville broadcast starts with Jerry Lawler vs. Keith Roberson (Lawler wins quickly but Roberson demands a rematch and gets a piledriver)

Local promos with Fire, Flame, Torch

Clip from an old Lawler vs. Man Mountain Link match

The Killer (Eddie Crawford with Kenny Dee) vs. Boss Winters

The Giant Hillbilly/Cousin Junior vs. Red Demons

Tracy Smothers/Paul Diamond Music Video

Tracy Smothers/Paul Diamond vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto (with Tojo Yamamoto) vs. Van Van Horne/William “Bear” Thompson

Local promos with Paul Diamond, Jerry Lawler

Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka Music Video (Danger Zone)

Southern Tag Champs Fire and Flame vs. Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka (first fall ends in a DQ; brawling ensues; second fall ends with an expiration of time)

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