CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-September 25, 1988

Another BIG DAY of Championship Wrestling (full Evansville show) takes off with a Stud Stable interview before the first match featuring Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden vs. Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump)/Shaun Baxter, followed by a local Evansville promo with Fuller/Sylvia/Golden. Next up is a Bill Dundee/Jamie Dundee interview featuring a VTR with Handsome Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant before the next match of Bill Superstar Dundee/Jeff Jarrett/Brickhouse Brown vs. The Blue Knight/Rough and Ready.

Stud Stable (Cactus Jack (aka Mankind/Mick Foley)/Gorgeous Gary Young) vs. Ken Raper/Alan Reynolds.

Interview with Jeff Jarrett/Brickhouse Brown

Phil Hickerson (aka PY Chu Hi) interview before his match vs. Billy Travis

Local Evansville promo with Fuller/Golden/Hickerson/Sylvia

Rock n’ Roll RPMs (Mike Davis/Tommy Lane) vs. Ray Odyssey/Cat Garrett (Two falls)

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