CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-September 5, 1987

This week’s Evansville version of Championship Wrestling has legendary Memphis sportscaster and WMC-TV Channel 5 sports anchor Big Jack Eaton “Great Scott!” and Dave Brown doing the announcing as Lance is away. Action starts with the Rock & Roll RPM’s vs. Greg Jones/David Wilson and continues with a Big Bubba interview (Bubba dances).

Rocky Johnson interview

Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Goliath (Brickhouse/Commission attacks Rocky during the bout. Jarrett/Travis/Smothers even the sides.)

Nasty Boys vs. Keith Eric/Buddy James

King Lawler’s Siding and Windows commercial

Dave Brown interviews the baby faces who have special stipulations in their upcoming matches. Superstar Bill Dundee vs. Mike Davis as well as George Barnes in a chain on a pole match, Travis vs. Carl Fergie in a hickory switch match, Jarrett vs. Goliath in a kendo stick match, Tracy Smothers vs. Tommy Lane in a cattle prod on a pole match, Nasty Boys vs. Tanaka/Diamond in a whipping strap match. Other matches include Rocky Johnson vs. Big Bubba in a boxing match and John Paul vs. Bobby Jaggers in a bullrope match. The winners of the matches get to use their weapons in the “War Games” Battle Royal later in the card.

Dave Brown interviews the heels in regards to the upcoming card filled with stipulations. This includes the RPM’s/Goliath/Bubba/Carl Fergie/Tanaka/Diamond/Brickhouse Brown.

Wild Eyed Southern Boy Tracy Smothers/Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. “King” Carl Fergie/Prime Time (Tanaka/Diamond)

Soulman Rocky Johnson music video (Soul Man)

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