Diamante fights her younger brother KC Navarro at Battle Club Pro “Anything You Can Do”. Full Show ➤ http://TitleMatchNetwork.com

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Where: New York City
Promotion: Battle Club Pro
Event: Anything You Can Do
Shoot Date: 9/28/19
3- Camera Shoot w/ Sony Prosumer Cams
Edited in the Title Match studios via Premiere Pro CC
Music: None
Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network) & Battle Club Pro

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We digitally remastered this footage exclusively for YouTube. Changes include deep color correction, advanced audio mixing & a new cold open teaser.

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Battle Club Pro’s “Anything You Can Do” intergender event took place in New York City last Saturday 9/28/19.

This featured match between Diamante and KC Navarro was one of the most intense battles of the night! KC Navarro does not hold back against his older sister, Diamante, who he mocks repeatedly as the “TV star of the family”. This intergender match more than delivers! Diamante is a former Impact Wrestling star and is currently featured on WOW: Women of Wrestling on AXS TV. KC Navarro has been lighting up the indy scene and is ready to prove to his older sister that he is the true star of the family.

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