USWA presents a Heavyweight Title Match featuring Doug Gilbert with Scott Bowden challenging Brian Christopher for the belt.

Doug Gilbert and Scott Bowden believe Doug has been overlooked by Brian Christopher as a realistic threat to his title. Doug makes his case during a pre-match interview, but his biggest critics are in the crowd and it’s entertaining to watch him try to chase down and intimidate the outspoken individuals in the audience.

During the match, Doug will have trouble backing up all the claims he just made and, after he and Scott receive a humiliating double dropkick in the face, Doug resorts to using an invisible chain or steel rod to gain the advantage. Unfortunately, he does a poor job of hiding his invisible weapon and can’t use it effectively without getting caught by the ref. Scott Bowden comes to the rescue by distracting the ref while Sid Vicious runs in and choke slams Brian Christopher. The USWA title is now ripe for the picking…

Date: January 7, 1995
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Lance Russell, Dave Brown
Referee: Kevin Lawler

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