Eddie Marlin, who is steeped in a feud with Tommy Gilbert, has been beaten and bruised in several strap matches and street fight matches over the past few weeks so he’s appointed Randy Hales some temporary booking duties until he can settle the feud. But Eddie Gilbert, who is himself in a bloody feud with Jerry Lawler, doesn’t like Randy in this position of authority.

While Eddie breezes through a scheduled match with Ken Raper, Missy Hyatt begins harassing Randy at the announcer’s table. But Randy, fed up with the Gilberts, refuses to take any of her mess and the argument escalates. Eddie spots the commotion from the ring and gets himself counted out arguing with Randy. To his credit Randy doesn’t back down and even steps up into Gilbert’s face, towering over him.

Suddenly the rest of the Gilbert family runs in. Tommy Gilbert catches Randy from behind and gives him a hard kidney punch that buckles his knees. You can see Missy Hyatt quickly pass Eddie his lighter and flash paper just before he lights up Randy’s face. It’s a pretty good fireball as fireballs go. Maybe he burned his lip a little, yeah?

Date: March, 1988
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Lance Russell, Randy Hales
Referee: Jerry Calhoun

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