It’s a pleasant Saturday morning in the Memphis Wrestling world, finally, after weeks of having the Gilbert family run wild in the CWA. As he had promised, Jerry Lawler hit Eddie Gilbert with a fireball last Monday night and, judging from the atmosphere in the studio, things seem to be back to normal. Oh, Doug Gilbert has a match coming up, but he’s still young yet and nobody expects much trouble from him.

But unfortunately Doug makes the Gilbert family presense known during an interview with Eddie Marlin when he rudely interupts his announcement. Both sides make their points concerning the feud and when diplomacy fails, Tommy Gilbert runs out to stack the deck on the Gilbert side. A quick boot to the mid-section doubles Eddie over and sets him up for a vicious right cross that drops the aging promoter. While Doug is holding Eddie, Tommy removes his boot and takes a running swing at Eddie–the momentum sending the big man over the announcer’s table and opening up his forehead.

Eddie is then tossed into the ring where the bloody beat down continues until Jeff Jarrett runs in for the save. Jeff clears the ring but Gary Young runs in for the Gilbert side and now Jeff needs to be rescued by Billy Travis. During an interview following the donnybrook, Jeff Jarret and Billy Travis are interupted by a bleeding and bloody Eddie Marlin. Eddie is hot, and he’s bent on returning the same insult and injury he has suffered today by challenging Tommy Gilbert to a Cowboy Boot Match so using the boots will be legal.

Here’s the match: “Eddie Marlin vs Tommy Gilbert (Cowboy Boot Match, 4-4-88)”

Date: April 2, 1988
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Hosts: Lance Russell, Dave Brown

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