National Pro Wrestling Day is coming on February 2, 2013, and Absolute Intense Wrestling is proud to be part of the 1:00 p.m. afternoon card, where “All Ego” Ethan Page will be taking on “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander. Here, free of charge, is a taste of what Ethan Page is all about, as his valet Seleziya Sparx leads him into battle against the self-proclaimed “Extremely Cute Wrestler” Colin Delaney.

This contest took place at November’s Hell on Earth 8 supercard, and while Colin Delaney was able to show flashes of his old, sober, dedicated self on that night, he was unable to compensate for the innovative offense of the supremely cocky Ethan Page, nor could he overcome the distractions the lovely Seleziya Sparx provided at ringside.

With Sparx’s help, Ethan Page closed out 2012 on a three match winning streak, something the pair hope to continue at #NPWD against their fellow Canuck. Josh Alexander hasn’t slowed down since making his Absolute Intense Wrestling debut, and a win on #NPWD’s global stage would set both men up nicely for 2013.

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