EVE 123 “Once More, With Feeling” The Jetta & Charlie Morgan Retirement Show

EVE 123 “Once More, With Feeling” The Jetta & Charlie Morgan Retirement Show

Broadcasted LIVE on YouTube from Big Penny Social, Walthamstow, London, E17 and featuring a truly international cast!

Main Event – Charlie Morgan & Jetta Retirement Match
1 Fall – 60 Minute Time Limit
Charlie Morgan & Jetta & Erin Angel vs EVE Champion Nina Samuels & The Medusa Complex: Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans

Co-Main Event:
EVE Tag Team Championship
1 Fall – 30 Minute Time Limit
[Champions] Operation S.A.S. vs [Challengers] The Decibelles

Special International Challenge Match
1 Fall – 20 Minute Time Limit
Alex Windsor [3] vs Miyuki Takase

1 Fall – 15 Minute Time Limit
“The Bad Girl” Chantal Jordan vs Katrina Creed

1 Fall – 15 Minute Time Limit
Session Moth Martina [10] vs Zizi

1 Fall – 20 Minute Time Limit
The Gals vs Top Sh**ger & Her Donny

Current Champions (at time of announcement of this event):
EVE Tag Team Champions: OPERATION SAS
EVE International Champion: YUU
2023 ACE of EVE: “Radioactive” SAFIRE REED

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EVE’s roster has and continues to feature future legends and some of the best wrestlers to ever lace up boots including Manami Toyota, Viper Piper Niven, Toni Storm, Jordynne Grace, Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, Utami Hayashishita, Meiko Satomura, Nina Samuels, Emi Sakura, Su Yung, Rhia O’Reilly, Jazz, RIHO, Mercedes Martinez, Kasey, Leah Owens, Emersyn Jayne, Charli Evans & Millie McKenzie – The Medusa Complex, “Session Moth” Martina, DASH Chisako, Charlie Morgan, Jetta, Erin Angel, Command Bolshoi, Leon, Hikaru Shida, Mayu Iwatani, Hikari Noa and many others from the top tier in women’s pro wrestling!

From the best pro wrestling to the wildest brawls, EVE is the the show that fans and critics alike have referred to as “A women’s ECW!”


“[EVE is] re-imagining the classically hyper-masculine environment of ‘professional’ wrestling” – New York Times

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“EVE women’s wrestling is more than just entertainment: It is a movement.” – Buzzfeed


“The passion – of the women and the fans – is just immense…and inspiring. I’m sure I’ll get flack for promoting a promotion whose logo depicts the United States President being pile-driven. But I remember working for a promotion in the mid-1990s, with a similar passion among its fans and wrestlers. That company’s motto was “politically incorrect – and damn proud of it!”
ECW! ECW!” – WWE Hall Of Fame Superstar Mick Foley


“By the end of the night, I’ve seen bald heads kissed from the ring, heard some of the fruitiest language this side of a dockyard, watched numerous women hit the deck arse first and tasted the drama of EVE” – Time Out!


“I brought my sisters and a few friends and we had such an amazing time. Everyone should get to know EVE!” – GLOW Star & Musician Kate Nash


“EVE goes further than the scripts of GLOW and political restraints of WWE could ever allow” – The Independent


“Totally punk rock” – Kerrang! Magazine

EVE features #WomensWrestling​ superstars you’ve seen on such programs as #AEW​, #WWE​, #NXT​, #ROH​, #Impact​ and all over the Japanese #Joshi​ scene

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