With Jerry Lawler at home nursing his injuries and the Gilbert family running wild in the studio, Lance Russell can barely hold the show together. So, quite oddly, and out of desperation, Lance phones Jerry at home to let him know how bad things are.

Suddenly Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt enter the studio and interupt Lance’s call for help. Eddie grabs the phone from Lance, shouts a few insults at Lawler and hangs up on him. Satisfied with himself, Eddie then turns to Lance and threatens to light him up with a fireball. Oh my! But Lance has some news for Eddie: He wasn’t calling Lawler at his home after all. No, the King was out in the lobby!

Suddenly Lawler enters the studio and makes a bee line straight for Eddie Gilbert. (Never mind that the camera was out of position to catch the King’s entrance. Fire that guy!) After destroying the studio a bit, Lawler and Gilbert beat and bash their way out the side door of the studio and fall out into the parking lot. Break for commercial!

When the program resumes, Eddie Gilbert and Jerry Lawler are trading blows on the chin. Lawler wins the exchange and throws Eddie up on the hood of a car. (I believe he’s positioning Gilbert for a piledriver on the hood–a great idea!) But Eddie has some fight left and stuns Lawler with a series of right hands, scoops him up and body slams the King right through the windshield.

Maybe Lawler came back to work too soon…

Date: March 1988
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Lance Russell, Dave Brown

Note: The doorway that leads to the parking lot is the public entrance to the studio. You’d walk through that door and present your ticket to get in. If Guy Coffey was there, he’d give you tickets to next week’s show. Nice man.

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