Best Of WCCW Wrestling 3.2
Thanksgiving + Christmas Day Spectaculars 1985

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Midnight Express vs Fantastics 20. Freebirds Badstreet video 21.
Michael Hayes + Buddy Roberts vs Lance Von Erich + Iceman King Parsons Freebirds attack everyone + Kerry is forced to sub for Lance 22. Hayes + Roberts vs Iceman + Mark Youngblood 23. famous Michael Hayes/Kerry Von Erich/ref David Manning interviews about Gino Hernandez’s death/blinded Chris Adams interview/Gino + Chris video 24. Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams from late 84 total bloody brawl 25. Fantastics vs El Diablo + Kiniski Cotton bowl 84 26. Stella Mae French vs Nicola Roberts Thanksgiving 84 27. Freebirds destroy Kerry + Kevin Von Erich classic 28. Freebirds interview 29. Gino + Chris vs Adias + Youngblood 30. Iceman + Scott Casey vs Missing Link + Kabuki Link goes crazy + kidnaps Sunshine 31. Chris Adams interview 32. Missing Link vs Buddy Roberts 33. Freebirds interview 34. Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin + Buddy Roberts vs Kerry, Kevin + David Von Erich 35. Freebirds video 36. Michael Hayes vs Lance Von Erich Roberts + Kerry run in 37. famous Bruiser Brody – Terry Gordy brawl all over the arena 38. Freebirds jump Mike + little Chris Von Erich Kerry runs in + goes ballistic 39. Michael Hayes – Fritz Von Erich debate great 40. Michael Hayes + Terry Gordy vs Kerry Von Erich + Bruiser Brody brawl 41. Hayes vs Great Kabuki 42. Missing Link + Lance Von Erich vs John Tatum + Buddy Roberts 43. Hayes vs Bruiser Brody Gordy runs in 44. Great Kabuki vs Youngblood 45. Missy Hyatt throws a cake in Sunshine’s face.

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