7 Deadly Sins – the largest death match tournament in the nation was held on December 7, 2012. These two competitors, CPW Heavyweight Champion Chic Canyon and longtime rival Ty Blade opened the tournament and set the tone for the ultra-violence that followed. Also Featuring Deathmatch Legend Mad Man Pondo, CPW Legend Coma White, “Cut Throat” Reed Bentley, Big Bull Bronson, the BMOC – Mikey McFinnegan, and Ms. Baka Gai-jin, Crazy Mary Dobson – you can own you’re very own copy of what has been called the most extreme night of wrestling in over a decade.

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Match Listing:
6 Man Tag Team Action – Matt Cage, Austin Rose, and Frank Wyatt take on Zakk Sawyers, Aaron XTC, and Joey O’Riley
7 Deadly Sins – True Grit – Chic Canyon(c) v Ty Blade
7 Deadly Sins – 7 Deadly Stockings – Mikey McFinnegan v Bull Bronson
7 Deadly Sins – Unlucky 13 – Mad Man Pondo v Coma White
7 Deadly Sins – BLT (Boards, Light tubes, and Tacks) – Reed Bentley v Crazy Mary Dobson
7 Deadly Sins – Semi-final – Tai Pei Death – 7 Deadly Stockings Winner v BLT Winner
7 Deadly Sins – Semi-final – Barbed Wire Boards – Winner of True Grit v Winner of Unlucky 13
Christian Rose defends his Infinit1 Championship against Hex Gage
7 Deadly Sins 2012 – Finals – Fans Bring the Weapons