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Where: Texas City, TX (Booker T World Gym Arena)
Promotion: Title Match Network
Event: Ladies Night Out 2
When: May 18, 2018
-Originally livestreamed on YouTube via Title Match
-3- Camera Shoot w/ Sony & Canon Prosumer Cams
-Livestream edited by Title Match via Sling Studio
-Post-edits were made in the Title Match studios via Premiere Pro CC
-Music: None
-Commentary provided by Matt Topolski, Brad Gilmore
-Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network)

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Booker T: Reality of Wrestling & Title Match Wrestling have partnered up again to bring you LADIES NIGHT OUT II! Can Jordynne Grace get past Laynie Luck to make it to Round 2? The winner of this match wrestles the winner of the Kylie Rae vs Sheeva contest.

Both women already wrestled a match earlier in the night. Jordynne Grace defeated Laynie Luck, while Kylie Rae beat out Sheeva. Now it’s between Jordynne Grace & Kylie Rae to determine the new #1 contender for Ladies Night Out III on Aug 18th. The winner will face ROW Diamonds champion Hyan.

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*Ivelisse (Lucha Underground) vs Kiera Hogan (Impact Wrestling) *Hyan (ROW Diamond Champion) vs Barbi Hayden (Challenger)
2 Tournament Matches to determine #1 contender.
The winners face each other later tonight!
*Jordynne Grace vs Laynie Luck
*Kylie Rae vs Sheeva
Plus: the return of Ivory Robyn and much more!
Special Commissioner: Queen Sharmell

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LADIES NIGHT OUT is an all-women’s invitational promoted by Title Match Wrestling & Booker T Reality of Wrestling

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