GCW December 12, 1981

Jimmy Garvin vs. Marvin Turner
Ricky Harris vs. Vinnie Valentino
The Great Kabuki vs. Bubba Carr
Kevin Sullivan & Wayne Farris vs. Tommy Rogers & Keith Larsen
Tommy Rich vs. Tony Russo
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer vs. Pete Martin & Rick Thor
Bob & Brad Armstrong vs. Tony Russo & Ed Timbs
Ron Bass vs. Rick Benefield
Austin Idol vs. Vinnie Valentino
Buzz Sawyer vs. Keith Larsen
El Gran Apollo vs. Ken Timbs
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer vs. Tommy Rogers & Bruce Gallagher
Also on Program: Big Red, Leroy Brown, Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Michael Hayes, Ric Flair, and Dusty Rhodes

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