Georgia Wrestling – The Big Turn of 1980

From the July 26, 1980 edition of Georgia Championship Wrestling.

A historic angle if there ever was one. Ole Anderson explains his heel turn on Dusty Rhodes in the 7/20 Omni show.

Parts of this are up on YouTube already but this is almost the entire segment from the following week’s TV. A gloating Ole starts by showing an old interview with the American Dream where Dusty vows it will never be over. Then Anderson narrates the clip of the turn from the Omni where Ole, Gene, Ivan Koloff and the Assassins destroy Dusty in a cage. Then Ivan Koloff chimes in congratulating Ole. Then more comments from Ole and Dusty. Great great great stuff.

Lots has been said about Ole Anderson as a booker, a business man, a wrestler, a person, etc. But one thing that cannot be denied is that Ole is one of the best heels ever.

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