Ice Ribbon Message For UK Wrestling Fans!

The stars of Japans top female promotion Ice Ribbon have a message for wrestling fans in the UK ahead of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE vs Ice Ribbon! weekend on October 8 and 9 in Doncaster, UK! Tickets available now from

Pro Wrestling EVE. Ice Ribbon. Shawn Michaels. Vader. 1PW.

It’s The Biggest & Most Versatile Weekend In European Wrestling History!

Pro Wrestling EVE is going up North for the first time and we’re going to make it VERY special!

The Joshi Puroresu stars of Japanese women’s wrestling promotion Ice Ribbon are coming to the Doncaster Dome in England for two days for cross promotional battles!

While neither EVE nor Ice Ribbon have decided who will represent them on this weekend of inter-promotional contests you can rest assure that both promotions will be wanting to come out the victors and will be sending those who they feel are the best to do so.

The events will take place in the afternoons of October 8 and 9 at The Doncaster Dome. Doors open at 2pm and the show begins at 2.15pm

But that’s not all that will be going on at the Doncaster Dome on the weekend of October 8 and 9. Former WWE Champion Shawn Michaels will be at The Dome on the mornings prior to both EVE events. Shawn Michaels will be taking pictures and signing autographs in a special fan convention!

And that’s STILL not all! 1PW, the most high profile male professional wrestling promotion in Europe. will be holding events in the evening of both days and already announced for the show is former WCW and IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Vader!

Tickets for both the Shawn Michaels Fan Convention and 1PW show are available from

So there you have it. Arguably the most versatile day of professional wrestling to perhaps ever take place in Europe. A fan convention with “The Greatest Superstar of All Time” former WWE Champion Shawn Michaels; a full show from 1PW featuring the best male wrestlers in Europe and some of the biggest names in professional wrestling history including former WCW Champion Vader; plus for the first time ever Joshi Puroresu comes to the UK as the female wrestlers of Japanese female wrestling promotion Ice Ribbon collide with the professionals of Pro Wrestling EVE in TWO inter-promotional events!

Tickets for the EVE vs. Ice Ribbon events are available now at the Events section of

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