Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Scarlett Bordeaux! Things are always extremely tense when Scarlett Bordeaux and myself see each other backstage at shows, and you all know why by now. It all started live, in front of thousands of people at home, when I introduced IMPACT fans to “The Smokeshow” and she had the nerve of calling me a 5 and herself a 10, and then shooed me off stage. It was so embarrassing. I really didn’t want to do this interview but Bordeaux and I know what the fans want, and they want two things; us to get in the ring together to wrestle one another (which isn’t going to happen) and an interview (which was a lot easier to make happen). Now I’m going to be honest, this interview really changed a lot for us two once she explained herself to me – are we now friends? Frienemies? Am I still a five? Check out what happens as we answer fan questions and discuss how many boyfriends she has, fashion no-nos, being a smokeshow, controlling people, and if I’m still a five.

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