In a scheduled non-title match today, “King D” Doug Gilbert is challenging Jeff Jarrett, the Southern Heavyweight Champion. This is Jeff Jarrett’s first match since Simply Devine knocked him out with ether at WrestleWar 93.

Doug Gilbert is on a “KIng of Rock and Roll” kick lately, calling himself King D and threatening to dance and sing but thankfully he never does. If you squint your eyes, he does remind one of Wayne Farris and the dance is clearly Honky Tonk Man’s gimmick. But you can rest assured that Doug is just having fun at work, amusing himself and the other wrestlers – that’s all.

When Doug’s antics fail him and Jarrett has him down for the count, the new team of Rex King and Steve Doll (Simply Devine) run in and put a nice double-DDT on Jeff, injuring him. Brian Christopher actually runs out to save Jeff from the beat down and gets popped in the chops for his trouble by Steve Doll. Of course, Brian throws a tantrum and swears revenge on Simply Devine. They call for a stetcher to take Jeff out, who is carried away but doesn’t quite make it out of the studio before Steve Doll shocks the crowd by dropping another elbow on Jeff from the ring apron for good measure.

Date: April 1993
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Dave Brown, Corey Maclin
Referee: Kevin Lawler

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