Part 4 of 4. The first and only appearance of Ric Flair in the Memphis studios leads to a NWA World Heavyweight title match versus Jerry Lawler to the delight of Memphis Wrestling fans.

“The Meltdown”

The conclusion of a ten minute NWA World Heavyweight championship match held live in the studios of TV5 in Memphis featuring Jerry Lawler challenging Ric Flair for the NWA heavyweight title.

Unsatisfied that he’s made a decisive point, Flair demands five more minutes with Lawler to finish him off and embarrass the King in his own backyard. But this time around the King gets hot and makes a superman comeback, droppng his shoulder strap, and hitting Flair with a short fist off the middle rope. Flair is rocked by the blow and bails out of the ring favoring the knot on his head . He stumbles over to Lance, grabs his belt, and quickly retreats to his dressing room. He’s summarily counted out by the referee and Lawler claims victory by count out.

But Lance isn’t so sure, and now everyone at home and in the studio is confused about the official outcome, so Eddie Marlin has to step in and explain what the heck just happened. But before he can finish, an enraged Ric Flair returns with Jimmy Hart and improvises an ending in which he offers Jimmy Hart $10,000 for Lawler’s hide–all while berating Eddie Marlin and Lance Russell for trying to pull a fast one on the champ. Their “hick conspiracy” wasn’t going to fool Mr. Cool, brother. Eddie Marlin, visibly ticked off by now, takes the first opportunity to exit stage left. Unconcerned, Flair continues to chew the scenery until the segment ends.

Date: August 14, 1982
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Lance Russell, Dave Brown
Referee: Jerry Calhoun

Aftermath: None. Jimmy Hart mentioned Flair’s bounty a few times but then the angle just faded away. This promo was supposed to lead to a big match between Flair and Lawler at the Liberty Bowl Stadium in Memphis but trouble in the CWA between Lawler and Jarrett is said to be the cause of the impromptu event being cancelled. The question is: Why work this 35 minute TV angle promoting an event that isn’t booked yet? Lacking an actual event to promote, perhaps Eddie was simply getting the most mileage out of Ric’s short visit.

This angle has four distinct parts:
1. The Interview:
2. The Hustle:
3. The Match:
4. The Meltdown:

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Note: The greatly improved quality of this video over existing versions warranted another look.

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