On February 2, 2013, Absolute Intense Wrestling will be taking part in National Pro Wrestling Day! We’re proud to present to you, in action on iPPV, two of Canada’s finest, “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander and “All Ego” Ethan Page. Alexander has only been a part of the AIW scene for a few months, but he has taken Cleveland by storm with an impressive array of power moves and a slew of show-stealing performances.

Here, from our much-buzzed-about November show, Hell on Earth 8, Josh Alexander takes on Louis Lyndon and Davey Vega. Lyndon, typically a member of AEROFORM with his tag team partner Flip Kendrick, was inserted into this contest just before the show began, adding an extra element of speed and high flying ability to what was already a clash of styles between Vega and Alexander. Though Hell on Earth 8 featured the bloodiest match in AIW history and the first time ever encounter between Johnny Gargano and Michael Elgin, Alexander left Turners Hall as the most talked about man in Cleveland. At the conclusion of this nine-minute match, you’ll know exactly why!

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