Kay Lee Ray vs Meiko Satomura – THE MATCH WWE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE!

Kay Lee Ray vs Meiko Satomura – THE MATCH WWE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE!

Before they went to WWE NXTUK, before KAY LEE RAY was the forever champion of NXTUK, before Meiko Satomura was a coach at WWE NXT UK, Meiko Satomura was regarded as The Best Wrestler In The World and Kay Lee Ray wanted that moniker for herself. Kay Lee Ray wanted to be known as the best wrestler in the world and to do that she had to beat Meiko Satomura.

See the very first time these two went one on one in a first time ever International Dream Clash!

What do you get when two of the best wrestlers in the world go one on one on the biggest stage for women’s professional wrestling? An instant classic that had fans shouting match of the year!

You can see why Kay Lee Ray is the WWE NXT UK Champion and why Meiko Satomura is so good that Sasha Banks went rogue from WWE to train with under the all-time great in Japan!

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