Absolute Intense Wrestling is proud to present to you FOR FREE on our YouTube channel the exciting six-man scramble match from Absolution 7. That’s right, it’s Eddie Kingston vs. Arik Cannon vs. Davey Vega vs. Facade vs. Ethan Page vs. Drake Younger, and its FREE.

Absolution 7 took place on 7/1/12, from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH. In addition to this six man scramble, BJ Whitmer captured the Intense Division Title, Tim Donst won the Absolute Title, The Batiri took on Aeroform and Youthinazia for the AIW Tag Team Titles, and the Briscoe Brothers made their AIW debut against the Irish Airbourne. Absolution 7 was an absolutely stacked card, and this match is but a preview. Head over to http://shop.aiwrestling.com to pick up your copy today!

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