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Sorry for the tracking problems.
Memphis Championship Wrestling–February 10, 2001
PPW/MCW Unified Title: Steve Bradley (w/Victoria) vs Spellbinder
UPN Messed up and started the tape at the end, so the show now starts from the beginning:
Kliq interview
Haas Brothers vs Shooter Schultz & Spanky (w/Jason Sensation)-Dupps out
Spellbinder interview
Pete Gas interview
Hardcore Match: Bitty Little vs Rocker
Shooter Schultz interview
Victoria interview
Scott Vick interview
Rodrageous interview
Rodrageous vs Seven
Steve Bradley interview
Joey Abs interview
Victoria/Steve Bradley int
The next segment was to be the main event, which is the first match on the show since UPN goofed, so the show just ends here.

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