Memphis Championship Wrestling-June 3, 2000
Clips from last week
Reckless Youth interview–K. Krush, Bitty Little come out
K. Krush vs Bitty Little
Mean Street Posse interview
Fabulous Rocker interview
Hardcore Ladder Match: Fabulous Rocker vs Todd Morton
Bull Pain vs Joey Abs
Southern Title Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
Lord Steven Regal/Lady Ophelia interview–Curtis Hughes comes out
Memphis Wrestling Flashback–Kamala video; Lawler vs Kamala from the Coliseum
K. Krush vs Reckless Youth

Memphis Championship Wrestling-June 10, 2000-VG/EX 1hr
Jerry Lawler interview-Reckless Youth, Bitty Little K. Krush come out
Lord Steven Regal interview
Steven Regal vs Flex Stone
Mean Street Posse interview
The Kingpins video
Southern Tag Title Match: Mean Street Posse vs Kingpins & Mullets
Mullets interview
Fabulous Rocker interview
Fabulous Rocker vs Referee Bill Rush
K. Krush/Neidhart interview
Jim Neidhart vs Bitty Little
Bobcat interview–calls out Joey Abs girlfriend, Lori
Bobcat vs Lori
Southern Title Match: Jerry Lawler vs Reckless Youth-K. Krush; Neidhart come out

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