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Memphis Championship Wrestling-April 15, 2000-EX 1hr
David Jett/Guy COFFEE Segment–Southern Title held up; Battle Royal later to crown a new champ
Bobcat Segment
Blue Meanie/Jenna Jammeson Segment
KAW Crew interview with Bobcat
Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee interview–K. Krush interrupts
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs K. Krush & Curtis Hughes
Blue Meanie/Jenna Jammeson/Jim Neidhart segment
Masked Man #1 interview
Mean Street Posse Interview
Blue Meanie vs Bull Payne–Hardcore Match–Mean Street Posse come out
Reckless Youth interview
Steven Regal interview
Reckless Youth vs Lord Steven Regal (w/Lady Ophelia Bristol)
Curtis Hughes interview
Battle Royal to crown new Southern champion–Features–Jerry Lawler, Todd Morton, Kingpin Price, David Lee Mullett, Hammer, Fabulous Rocker, Kingpin #2, Bull Payne, Bill Dundee, K. Krush, Curtis Hughes, Masked Man #1, Reckless Youth, Lord Steven Regal, Jim Neidhart, Tomahawk, Ronnie Mullet, Blue Meanie, Half a Mask, Mean Street Posse

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