Memphis Championship Wrestling March 18, 2000
Lance Russell promo about history of Southern Title
Jim Neidhart vs Blue Meanie–MCW Title Tournament Match
Van Harden/Bruce Prichard segment
Reckless Youth interview
Clips of Todd Morton vs Reckless Youth from New Daisy Theater–Todd Morton interview
Reckless Youth vs Todd Morton–MCW Title Tournament Match
Clips of Evening Gown Match: The Kat vs Bobcat–from New Daisy Theater
Lance Russell interviews The Kat. During the interview, Dustin Diamond (SCREECH from Saved by the Bell)
comes in the ring and tells The Kat how much he likes her and stuff, then shows a tape of Saved by the Bell. Screech then asks The Kat out for a date, but she kinda turns him down. Screech then goes after her…
Half a mask (Hollywood Little, the midget) vs Curtis Huges–MCW Title Tournament Match
Clips of Lawler vs Bull Payne from New Daisy Theater
Bruce Pritchard/Steve Regal/Van Harden/Mr. Coffey segment
Jerry Lawler vs K. Krush–MCW Title Tournament Match
Bruce Pritchard announces the new MCW Commissioner: Bruce Pritchard!
Bull Payne interview

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