Lance Russell announces the action-packed card for this coming Monday night’s Championship Wrestling program at the Mid-South Coliseum. Lance is a little confused at first because the card says “Eddie Gilbert” when, as far as he knew, Eddie was still supposed to be using the name Tommy Gilbert Jr.

Date: June 18, 1979
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Announcement by: Lance Russell

Official results…
– June 18, 1979 in Memphis, TN
– Mid-South Coliseum drawing 4,731

1. Bobby Lyons beat Bob Owens.
2. Steve Regal & Tommy Gilbert beat Danny Davis & Sputnik Monroe, Jr.
3. Pete Austin beat Jerry Bryant.
4. Ken Wayne pinned Eddie Gilbert.
5. Ron Bass beat Plowboy Frazier.
6. Southern Tag Champs Wayne Ferris & Larry Latham NC Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee.
7. Ron Bass won a “two ring battle royal.”

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