NWA Mountain State Show 255

best of 2010
1. King Richard vs frank parker ….Brian Kyle and Derik Billings… Giftourage attacks frank parker after he is thrown out of ring. Karl vs Maestro; Maestro wins
King Richard wins…. J.C. Dykes Jr. was choke slammed by frank
2. Scotty Raines vs King Richard
King Richard wins
Jeff Mayhem vs Matt Barnett vs Terry Ring
Matt Barnett wins
3. Diablo jr vs Matt Barnett
Matt Conard attacks Matt Barnett
Diablo jr steps to edge of ring as bell sounds
4. chris taylor vs Maestro
team mega reach through ring
Tenney and Karl jump in with team mega
Maestro pins Chris taylor
Team mountain state(Maestro) throw Team Mega out
5. Maestro vs Chance prophet
Maestro pins chance then Giftourage attacks

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