OVW TV 1244 – “Lighting The Fuse

“OVW is rocketing toward INDEPENDENCE RAGE and the fireworks are already going off this week inside Davis Arena!

The OVW Tag Team Champions THE DESTROYERS (BIG ZO, GNARLS GARVIN) are looking to sink their teeth into competition this week. Who will find themselves in their warpath?

FREYA THE SLAYA has been incensed with jealousy over Aaron Grider and TIFFANY NIEVES! This week, they faceoff in a LOVER SCORNED STREET FIGHT!

“Immaculate” JOE MACK is back with another MACK ATTACK CHALLENGE! Who will step up to the 7ft Canadian?!

BLANCO LOCO, KAL HERRO and VENGANZA have been having issues abound as of late. This week they settle it all in a triple threat match for the OVW RUSH Division Championship!

HYZAYA is on a roll of momentum as of late, picking up a couple big wins. Can he continue his win-streak when he faces ERIC DARKSTORM?

THE OUTRUNNERS are looking to get their groove back and jetski their ways back to the OVW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS and they’ve enlisted DOUG BASHAM to get them ready. What will “The Machine” have in store for the “Youngest Men Alive”?

HOLLYHOOD HALEY J is looking to prove she’s a fighting champion when she defends against SHAWNA REED! Can HALEY J overcome evil one more time?

All this and so much more this week on OVW TV!”

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