Corey Maclin introduces an exciting tag team match featuring PG-13 (Jamie Dundee, Wolfie D) versus The Hickersons (Billy Ray and Lee Hickerson).

Jamie Dundee (JC Ice) and Wolfie D demonstrate their street-style wrestling abilities in a classic “speed and finesse” versus “size and power” matchup. The Hickersons can absorb a lot of punishment and when they club you, it hurts. But luckily for PG-13, their opponents today are inexperienced and maybe all PG-13 needs to do is land a spiked side slam on one of them in a crescendo of drop kicks. Let’s see…

Date: January 7, 1995
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Lance Russell, Dave Brown
Referee: Kevin Lawler

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