Pro-Wrestling:EVE Carmel Jacob v Kay Lee Ray v Em Jay v Alpha Female

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Check out Alpha Female of Diva Dirt’s ‘5 To Watch’ in action here against Carmel Jacob, Winner of Ringbelles Online ‘Discovery Of The Year 2011″ Kay Lee Ray & ‘The Pompey Professional’ Em Jay in a first round match of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament!

10 Minute Time Limit
Scramble Rules – No Tag Necessary When A Wrestler Leaves The Ring
No Count Out
Yellow & Red Cards In Full Effect

About The DVD:
Filmed on Friday April 8 2011 at Project Nightclub in Norwich City, Return Of The Jetta (Chapter One) features the First Round and Quarter-Finals of the 21 Woman Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament in addition to a Last Woman Standing Match, pre-show work-outs and interviews and is DOUBLE THE LENGTH of the previous Pro-Wrestling:EVE DVD releases.

Matched Featured:


‘The Dynamite Princess’ Nikki Storm vs ‘The Fighting Irish’ Rhia O’Reilly vs Amazon vs Saraya Knight

Sara-Marie Taylor of The Glamour Gym vs ‘The All Star’ Erin Angel vs Pollyanna vs Super Janey B

‘The Lancashire Terrier’ April Davids vs Destiny vs Liberty vs ‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna

The Alpha Female vs Carmel Jacob of The Glamour Gym vs Em Jay vs Kay Lee Ray

Britani Knight vs ‘The Hardcore Daredevil’ Blue Nikita vs Melodi vs ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin

Featuring everyone who failed to qualify in the 1st round matches!

Winner Of Match 1 vs Winner Of Match 2
Winner Of Match 3 vs Winner Of Match 4
Winner Of Match 5 vs Winner Of Match 6

LAST WOMAN STANDING MATCH: Saraya Knight vs ‘The Hardcore Daredevil’ Blue Nikita

PLUS: Prior to the tournament our camera crew caught up with a number of the EVE Professionals training at the gym to get words ahead of their tournament matches!


This is a 2 disc set at a special price of just £14.99 (saving you £4.99 on the usual 1 disc separate release format) and is very much a limited time only offer!

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