Roman Reigns: 9 Reasons why you should stop booing The Big Dog!

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#9 Booing Roman Has Become a Fad: Wrestling fans love to make themselves the center of attention, whether it’s starting β€œYou F-ed up” chants when a wrestler misses a spot, or mercilessly booing babyfaces because…

#8 Charity: No, we’re not asking fans to cheer Reigns because they feel bad for him. We want fans to know Roman is at his heart, a good person; so fans should reconsider before they beat him up with boos. Don’t believe us? Reigns is heavily involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation…

#7 His Moveset Isn’t as Limited as People Claim: One of the complaints about Reigns is he uses a small and repetitive moveset. While it’s safe to say Reigns uses the Superman Punch, the Drive-By, and the Spear often, he’s supposed to be a brawler. Do people complain when Brock Lesnar does…

#6 You Loved Him in the Shield: Fans loved Roman Reigns when he was kicking butt in the Shield. They loved him when he had his solo run until the fans decided it would be cool to start booing him. Some fans got it in their head they needed to boo Reigns because he was being groomed as a top babyface…

#5 Reigns Has Been Badly Booked: Reigns has not had the most consistent booking since leaving the Shield. The WWE has moved Reigns up and down the card as it’s tried to figure out whether he should be booked as a world champion or as a perpetual challenger. Consider how over Reigns was at the 2014 Royal Rumble…

#4 Reigns Is Actually a Good Wrestler: Like John Cena, Reigns employs a power-based offense, using his strength to win matches. And like Cena, Reigns is able to work with a variety of styles, whether it’s high-flying technicians such as A.J. Styles, brawlers such as the Big Show, or big man Brock Lesnar who combines power with…

#3 He Can Work Singles or Tag Matches Equally Well: Roman Reigns showed his ability to work well as a team player during his run with the Shield. Over the last few years, he’s also shown he’s capable of working entertaining singles matches and tag team matches (traditional or six-man tags) equally well…

#2 You Have to Admire His Guts: Roman Reigns deserves tremendous kudos for his willingness to go out and put on the best matches he can and work as a babyface, even as fans boo him mercilessly. Reigns is being a loyal company man and other Superstars might have refused to continue as a babyface when they heard the din of boos…

#1 And the number 1 reason why fans shouldn`t boo Roman Reigns is…

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