Brian Christopher and Scotty Flamingo (Raven) open the segment celebrating their victory over the Moondogs for the World Tag Team Championship belts by singing “We are the champions!” and displaying their new titles. Riding on this current wave of success, Scotty seems ready (I guess) to take on Jeff Jarrett for the Southern Heavyweight Championship belt. Uh… With expiration of time rules in effect.

At first, by all appearances, it seems like we’re going to get a straightforward match when Brian Christopher leaves for the locker room so Scotty can be fairly tested one-on-one against Jeff in his first singles match. But, needless to say, we’ll see Brian again during this contest… And I guess I’ll tell you that the Moondogs will be making a special guest appearance too. In fact, a big belly splashin’, chair smashin’ brawl will erupt in the studio! Special thanks to Moondog Spot and Moondog Splat for the save.

Date: March 1993
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Dave Brown, Corey Maclin
Referee: Frank Morrell

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