ABSOLUTE ARCHIVES 001: You know them now as Seth Rollins and Zema Ion, but before becoming breakout stars in WWE NXT and TNA’s Impact Wrestling, Tyler Black and Shiima Xion were standout competitors in Absolute Intense Wrestling. Here, from the AIW vaults, is a match from Absolution 2: Tyler Black vs. Starless vs. Shiima Xion for the AIW Intense Division Title.

Though the Intense Division Championship is currently held by technical wrestling standout BJ Whitmer, the title initially highlighted an acrobatic, death-defying style of professional wrestling. On a night featuring both a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match and “A Walk Through Hell,” Black, Xion, and Starless brough the goods, stealing the show with a match that saw Starless moonsault from a 20-foot scaffold and Tyler Black walk away as the Intense Division Champion. It’s #OldSchoolAIW at it’s finest, and we’re proud to give it to you for free.

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